Tribute to Little Red

In Memory of Little Red.

You have been there for me for 15 years and seen me through many tears and joy.

You were with me when there were train delays, floods, accidents and disasters.

When I was in hospital, you brought family to me to ease my fears.

You gave me security by just knowing you were there.

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Life was so much easier and better with you by my side.

Some said I should get rid of you. Others laughed at my attachment to you.

They say you are old fashioned and dated.

But you are tough.

And I love and know you.

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I was shocked when they told me the G2 network was closing.

You will be obsolete then. I know you can’t send or receive photos. I know the only app I have on you is phone and text. Learning a whole new language on an iPhone will be tough. And if I accidentally put an iPhone through the wash I know it won’t come back to life as you have previously.

The number of times you have been dropped on concrete and still remained sturdy, uncracked and working is not what I will have with something new.

I still have about four months with you, but will miss you when you leave my little red Nokia.

What technology have you had to replace? Can you relate to Jeanette’s tale? Share your stories with us.

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