Travelling around Myanmar on $1 a day

For USD1.00 per person you can have one of the cheapest and most photographic activities in Myanmar – riding the Circle Train for three hours.

About 150 years ago a British surgeon by the name of Dr William Montgomerie designed this circular train track of 45km with 38 stops around the city exterior.

Ticket Office for Yangon Circle Train Ride

Take your passport with you, hand over your USD1 and you will receive an official receipt with many locals looking over your shoulder to see your documents and what you are doing.

The Train's A Coming

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It can be quite chaotic when the train pulls in.

Hard seats for your 3 hour ride

Be prepared, the seats are rock hard, but worth it for the three hours.

Meeting the locals!

Today it is a traveller’s delight. You even get to meet some of the locals.

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Chaos as the train pulls into the station

Pulling into each platform where local vendors reach through the open windows selling their fresh produce, locals boarding with tyres, chickens squawking as they are dragged on board and dusty children clinging to their parents’ legs hoping they get on in time.

Train Station Market Place

You can purchase produce through the window.

Countryside outside Yangon viewed from the train window

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The scenery is a photographer’s delight.

Local homes along the train track

Local homes along the train track.

One way to dry your clothes!

We highly recommend this adventure if you are travelling through Myanmar. It is one of the cheapest excursions we have been on and one of the most enthralling.

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Tell us, have you visited Myanmar before? Where did you go and what did you do? Would you go?

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