Top travel tips to save you grief for couples and singles

These singles travel tips I have learned and picked up in my travels. Since on most occasions I have been travelling solo and had to rely on only my own wits, I’ve found them really handy and didn’t think of them until I’d experienced them. I hope you enjoy and find them useful.

TIP…When on a ‘long haul’ plane trip, slip a towel and bathers, swimmers, togs (whatever you call them!) into your carry-on cabin bag. The reasoning behind this is simple. If you arrive at a stop en-route to your destination and your plane is held up (as I once experienced, due to a ‘strike’ by staff  in a hot part of the world) and you are informed by air crew that the delay is going to be a long one, find a pool or a beach to relax at. You will find it will help to alleviate frustration. This was one of the first singles travel tips I was given 15 years ago and things haven’t changed…except my waistline!

TIP… Wear and carry washable clothing whenever possible. Washable silk is excellent and as cool as cotton. It dries overnight, is as warm as heavier materials and takes up much less space. Avoid jeans if you can as they are heavy and take a long time to dry and take up a lot a lot of case-space. Perhaps pack neutral coloured cotton pants which are much better to carry and launder.

TIP… If you are planning to buy new clothing and bring it back with you, it’s a good idea to take some old clothes to wear and dump them after you have purchased the replacements.

TIP…for cruise holidays, the best prices and cabin choice is usually if you book early.  If you book late you can still get a good price but with a limited cabin choice. One recommendation to get a great cabin at a reasonable price is to go with a well organised group. The savings can be excellent with a good choice of cabin, and a bunch of new friends to play with!

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TIP… I know it’s obvious and I constantly forget to pack them but a folding brolly and plastic rain coat are essential. Apart from keeping you dry, the plastic rain coat can insulate you against sudden cold windy weather. I got caught whilst in the Scottish highlands one February and a plastic rain coat was an absolute Godsend!


What are your best travel tips? Share them below.

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