Tobe Frank - When did watching football get so expensive?

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To be frank, I’m not sure when things got so expensive!  I’m not talking about the day to day necessities like utility bills and groceries…that’s as boring  as both bat shit AND watching paint dry, and it’s been done to death in the media. I’m talking about far more important leisurely expenditures…a night out at the football.

This past month has seen an absolute feast of football across the codes and across the country. From huge AFL games between the top clubs, to State of Origin, the British Irish Lions tour and of course our Rio bound Socceroos. It’s been the line up of line ups.

However, now that I’m recently retired and of no apparent use to anyone in the greater business community, my once endless supply has run dry. No free tickets to the corporate boxes, filled with top shelf liquor and all you can eat shrimp and party pies at all the big games. It has run dry…drier than the Henley-on-Todd boat race I tell ya…that’s the river not the public bar!

Is it not un-Australian to charge $175 to simply walk through the turnstiles and then think that today’s modern man has been organized enough to talk to his bank manager before approaching the bar.  The lady at the cash register thought I was a real funny guy when I held my hand out for change…but apparently my $10 was not only not good enough but it simply wasn’t enough – period.

No change, not even enough aforesaid party pie. How the hell would a normal household afford to take the whole family?  I reckon the patriarch would  have to sell a vital organ or something.

If I had’ve known it was going to be like this I would’ve stashed some supplies from the boxes under the bleachers for a rainy days.   Thank Christ the bus home was free.