Tobe Frank: We're all sheep

“Where are we Hal?”

“I dunno Carl, I was following you.”

“I thought you’d flash your lights if I took a wrong turn?”

“Me??? I’ve got less sense of direction that a popular boyband!”


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To be frank, we’re all sheep half the time, following the pack like brainless idiots not capable of our own thoughts, or too lazy to apply some simple logic and decision making to many of today’s routine tasks.

Take jaywalking for example. We’ll gladly scoot across the road, mid-block, following someone else’s lead, but not stopping to check whether that particular dimwit has had the forethought to check if a bus is hurtling down the road with their name on it – we simply follow out into the paddock.


Ever wonder why our houses are bulging at the seams with schtuff? We all line up, waiting for the doors to open, with baited breath for the mid-year and Boxing Day sales. Do we actually think about what we need, what we can afford, before stamping through the stockade in a mad dash to the bargain bin? How many sets of sheets does one actually need? Surely one for the master bedroom and one for the doghouse should suffice! But we’ve just gotta have what everyone else has: a mentality which has resulted in Apple becoming the largest graziers of sheep on the planet.


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Many moons ago, I beached a houseboat as a result of following a jetski round a corner instead of following the markers, forgetting that the jetski draws less than a foot compared to many more from the houseboat. The ‘sheep’ on this occasion had six hours to get off the boat and graze around on the lifeless sandbank bank, sheepishly waving back at the ‘border collies’ rightfully making their way round the designated and clearly visible markers.


Taking the cake, the cream and the cherry on top are those who follow someone through a flooded crossing. We are reminded of the dangers every summer on the news, via community service ads and now via Facebook, that yes, some lucky soul, typically driving a jacked-up Landcruiser with snorkel and desert-dueller tyres fitted made it across, but you (ewe?) in the Hyundai Getz probably won’t; might give it a go though! Explain that one to your insurance agency!


I guess herd mentality provides many of us with a sense of comfort; a social security blanket per se. If I get lost, we all get lost. If this turns out to be a scam, then at least I’m not the only buffoon to fall for it. Sometimes it might provide the only way for us to try new things, knowing that others have gone before us. However, you never know when a bus is coming and you should never, ever forget to look left and right.

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You also shouldn’t jump off the Story Bridge just because Johnny did or told you to.



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