Tobe Frank - Robin Williams was my first...

To be frank a little part of me died yesterday when I heard the news of Robin Williams’ passing. The world lost one of the funniest buggers to ever grace our life on our planet…He was a modern day Jerry Lewis.

I’m sure we’ve all had that Robin Williams moment where we just slightly peed our pants due to sustained and uncontrollable laughter at the hand of the comic genius. I know I did on many occasion.

Actually, I  think the first time I peed my pants outside of the days my of terry-towelling loin cloth was thanks to Mr Williams…perhaps during  one of Mork’s early monologues.

Come to think of it, I had a lot of firsts with Robin Williams.

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I think the first time I tried to imitate anyone was that of Williams imitating  any one of countless other celebrities…most likely George W or Arnie.

The first time I reckon snorted out loud in laughter was because of Williams with his seemingly random, spontaneous and ad-lib performance in ”Good Morning Vietnam’.

The first time I laughed and cried during the same movie was during ‘Dead Poets Society’…and it still gets me today.

The first movie I took my son to was ‘Popeye’ at the Strand cinema in Caloundra whilst on holiday.

The first time I caught my son out in a state of…let’s say sexual arousal…was during ‘The World According to Garp’.

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The first time I wish I was better at math was during  ‘Good Will Hunting’.

Inspiration to pursue a spectacularly unsuccessful career as a clown doctor was thanks to Williams in ‘Patch Adams’.

The first time I reckon I almost died through not partaking in the intake of enough oxygen over a sustained period of time was thanks to a Williams stand up comedy show.  The silent laughter within the auditorium was deafening.  There were plenty of slightly wet to saturated pants that night I tell you.

I remember the roaring laughter of my entire family as we sat through ‘Mrs Doubtfire’ at the cinema with the kids.  After a period, the audience calmed down and continued to watch the movie but I could not contain myself and my own infectious laughter caused the whole audience to miss the next few scenes’ plot as they joined in for a sustained barrel of laughs.

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And the first time I looked at my favourite sport of golf in another light was  the day that I witnessed Williams’ interpretation of the day a drunken Scot invented the game where you had to send a tiny white ball hundreds of yards down an obstacle infested paddock into a tiny little hole, with a crooked stick 18 fooking times.  I reckon it’s one of the funniest 4 1/2 minutes in the history of stand up comedy. Check it out for yourself.


Apologies for the language.

Robin Williams truly was one of the funniest people to ever have the good fortune to infect our lives with laughter. I will no doubt have a smile on my face anytime I think of Him.  He has left us with a lasting legacy of reasons to laugh, cry, rejoice, celebrate and  wonder.

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