To go or not to go: calling a toilet, a toilet

This is about the shortest piece I’’ve ever written for Starts at Sixty, but it’’s something that needs to be said, nonetheless! It’’s something that really pisses me off. Ironically a rather appropriate phrase under the circumstances, most of the blame falling to parts of the media and the Americans!

Hey everyone, it’’s a toilet, a lavatory, a WC; it’s not a “bathroom”! Have you ever seen one with a bath in the corner of the room? Nor is it a “restroom” for the same reason, after all, who would want to lounge about in one of those places, on a comfortable leather chair, reading National Geographic, the air heavy with the perfume of antiseptic or air freshener (if you’’re lucky!).

The silly thing is, it must be the most frequently used room, anywhere, private or public. We all use one at least once a day to perform perfectly normal and natural bodily functions, without which we could not survive for more than a few days. The Queen uses one, Tony Abbott uses one, I use one and I’’d bet big money that pretty well every person reading this article uses one, so why are we all so coy about it?

I’’ve had American tourists come up to me in Melbourne to ask if I can direct them to the nearest ‘bathroom’, so I send them to the public swimming baths at the top of town.– I imagine they’’d find the service they require there, but with the added advantage that they can go for a swim too, should they wish to.

So, there you have it, let’’s start a movement that ‘calls a spade a spade’ when it comes to going where we need to go each day! Let’’s stop being so shy, let’’s be leaders in a new way of life, where it’’s not rude to ‘go’, any more than applying an under arm deodorant is.

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And with that grizzle out of my system, I’’m off to the ‘loo’ now, newspaper in hand; ready for a little quiet meditation!

See you later!

Do you agree with Brian? Do you think we should all call a toilet a toilet? What do you call it? Tell us below!