The way I see it: An organic experience

One of the beautiful things about eating ‘organic’ is, there is nothing new about this so called phenomenon.

I grew up in a time when everything we ate, was pretty much ‘organic’! It came out of our garden.

We ate healthy. I would be tasked with going to the back of the section and pick fresh beans, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, cauliflower, silver beet, cabbage and of course gathering the eggs.

I well remember the arguments we would have, over the best veges for the nightly meal.

I have five brothers and my mother would make sure that each brother had his choice of vegetable. Of course, it was a bribe, as the plates were loaded with pure goodness.

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My mother was very good at being able to disguise a meal, making sure that all of the ‘five veggies’ a day were included.

There was no marketing ‘spin’ on ‘five plus two a day’. No such campaign existed in those days. We ate out of ‘God’s Pharmacy’ as my parents would call it!

I recall, many times, rushing home from school and running to the garden, just to see if there was any movement in the seeds that I had sown.

At the weekends, after the Saturday morning sport, I would take my bucket, load it up with the gardening tools my day had given me, head to the wash-house, put on my gumboots and prepare for a wonderful day in the garden. It was part of growing up in a country town back in the early ’50s.

It was what we did.

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Looking forward to a beautiful lamb roast, lovingly cooked by our mother on a Sunday morning, was the weekly highlight. Freshly picked mint for the sauce, roast veges with all the trimmings of a hearty meal.

If I close my eyes and let my mind drift back to that time, I can smell her labour of love and dedication as my mother, looking after her ‘little men’ as she would call us.

I think back, smiling, as I write this, reminiscing about those wonderful times!

Today, I look at how we’ve come full circle, there’s a strong resurgence in healthy, natural and wholesome food. No chemically sprayed, or GM food.

The information that’s readily available to us, in all forms these days, is far from exhaustive, not all of it, entirely correct, but never the less, the choices are there.

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Most people I know, want more and more of those happy times, good food, grown in the back garden and nurtured with love!

This brings me to my wonderful Organic Market…

Northey Street City Farm Organic Market

It states proudly on its website… It is a great place to:

  • Stock up on local, seasonal ORGANIC produce
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  • Meet the farmer and learn how your food is produced
  • Buy an array of groceries from organic providores
  • Support the farming and organic community
  • Meet up with friends for a delicious brunch
  • Indulge in a massage or other therapy
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  • Browse the talented maker stalls
  • Enjoy time with your kids
  • Today, we’re prepared to pay a premium to get the best. Our mission at the weekend, is to head off to the market. Not just any market, it has to be the ‘Organic Market’.

    There are many that suggest they are totally organic, sadly, they are not! This is why I love this market in the inner Brisbane city. It’s an organic market held next to Northey Street City Farm, every Sunday 6am to 11am. Rain, Hail or Shine.

    Sure, it’s not the cheapest place on the planet, but you are guaranteed of beautiful fresh farm grown produce, meat that is amongst some of the best you will ever taste! Yes, you’ll pay a premium.

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    This is something I personally object to.

    This puts these types of market out of reach of the average person. You would be lucky to feed a family of four for under $250 a week. Then you still have to visit your supermarket to get the basics!

    No, it’s not the cheapest option as I have discovered. There is just me and I find it very difficult to come away with change from $100. In my opinion, this is what we must change.

    We must strive to make these markets cost effective for the average person! We are in search of the finest produce, the freshest and healthiest eggs and of course those pure vege smoothies or that organic pie!

    All of these foods and drinks are available every Sunday at Northey Street.

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    I have become a convert, stupid really, as I grew up tending our family garden, but over the years, lifestyle and convenience has taken precedence.

    I’m glad I’ve discovered my hidden gem just up the road!

    Do you buy your fruit and vege from an organic farmer’s market? How much do you spend on groceries each week? Tell us about your favourite market place.

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