The valuable lesson I learnt at Christmas time

On this occasion it was more than just the thought that counted. Photo: Pixabay

I learnt a very valuable lesson last Christmas.

Our son and daughter-in-law are very modern people. They rely almost entirely on the digital world and so for the longest time we have assumed that we were accommodating them by always communicating with them using social media, text messages and email.

We have for years sent Christmas, Birthday and Anniversary wishes electronically.

Last Christmas, for some unknown reason we gave them old fashioned Christmas cards instead.

Our son loved it, but it was the reaction of our daughter-in-law that almost reduced us to tears.

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She just looked at us and said that she had wanted an old fashioned card, preferably in the post, for so long. She went on to tell us that she enjoyed the anticipation of opening the envelope and then putting the card on the cabinet to look at throughout the festive season.

I have therefore decided that for ever after they will receive old fashioned cards, posted.

It taught me that I should never assume what people want, and that younger people are still touched by beautiful, useless things that they can hold.

Do you send cards and personal letters for special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas? Share your stories with us.

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