The state of the world

“For all those who fight for kindness, and for humanity, for a stand against cruelty to women and a stand against cruelty to animals. For the pure and simple compassion real human beings feel for others. I am just wishing you strength, because right now in our world it has never been more important and more vital that we stand side by side and speak up for the rights we enjoy here. It will take a strong light to reach into the dark corners of this world, keep the flame alive, keep the light alive”.

I wrote that on my Facebook page, then added this piece.

My friend and I discussed the horrors of the world situation and especially the death of a young woman who had done nothing; well, she dared to take a drink of water before a man did. Some are killed or beaten if they are raped so as well as the first indignity they suffer even more horrors. We both find it hard to even comprehend. “What can we old ladies do?” we said. Then a light went on and I knew even if we could DO nothing, we could SAY plenty.

I am 75 and in most people’s opinion probably a bit of a show pony! I have no money but love clothes and make up and being alive, after all every day is a gift after 70! Yet beneath my shiny bright and rather frothy exterior, I care passionately about the plight of the women and children who are so badly used in the middle eastern countries. Not all I know, but some areas have a woeful record of atrocities. Women are below the level of beasts, and they treat animals poorly too.

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Every day we should remember how lucky we are, every day we should look at the clear air and drink the clean water and revel in the green around us. Because somewhere there is a woman with a baby in a stone littered ruin trying to survive. Do we care? Yes we care.

Every day as we read newspapers with opinions reflecting what has happened we should remember that in some places one word out of place can mean death by stoning. Do we care? Yes we care.

The rules of life that keep civilised societies moving forward, and not sinking into a medieval pit are still alive and well, but we know the reality of the new rules some countries wish to establish, they involve chopping off body parts. As if life didn’t matter, or perhaps letting a small child be a walking bomb. Do we care? Yes we care.

It will never be the way of Australia to allow this, please make sure you are loud and clear about your views, never let them win, and take away the freedom and beauty of our wide brown land, Just speak up, write those letters, and show it matters even to us, the old ladies of the world. DO WE CARE? YES WE CARE.


What do you think about what Jacqui has said? Do you agree? What should we do?