The rabid state of Australia's politics

There are a lot of rabid Labor supporters writing their indescribable criticisms of Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party these days, especially in the so-called ‘social-media’ like Facebook. Then there are a lot of rabid Liberal supporters writing their indescribable criticisms of Bill Shorten and the Labor Party these days, especially in the so called-called ‘social media’ like Facebook! In other words, there are a lot of people who have nothing better to do than throw insults at the supporters and members of the party they don’t support themselves, and I think that is one of the great sadnesses of the society we live in today, there is very little constructive comment made.

Of course Liberal supporters will be thinking that Labor is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the union movement and naturally, any devout Socialist is quite convinced that the Liberals are in the pockets of big business. I quite understand that, though I think both statements are wildly inaccurate and simplistic – the trouble today is that no one seems to have any thought for the good both parties do for the community. If the above statements were true, then Labor would have little chance of coming into power, with only about thirty percent of the workforce actually being unionists, and the same applies to the Liberal Party, they need much more support than that they undoubtedly get from business. So in both cases, they have to offer much more, in order to win over the majority of the populace and take their place in government.

And this is when the differences between the two major parties shrivel and die, because they both have to offer more or less identical baits in order to win over the rest of us, with the eventual winner being the party with the better public relations team. During the lead-up to an election they will both be offering us better schools, more teachers and exciting curricula, they will promise the same incentives for the health sector, more hospitals, doctors and nurses and shorter waiting times for surgery, and at the present time they will both be going to do something about global warming and the reduction in carbon (they actually mean carbon dioxide, but they’ve made us accustomed to just carbon!). They will both promise lower taxes, higher pensions, time off to have babies, and the introduction of such things as the Nation Broadband Network

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But once in power, the majority of these promises will be quietly shelved or, if we are lucky, they will be progressed, but at such a slow rate that they cost as little as possible and are often out of date once eventually completed! The two parties are much more interested in standing up in Parliament hurling insults at each other than they are in actually running the country, for the benefit of everyone! The major point they conveniently forget is that they are supposed to be there, not to govern us, but to serve us – they even make an oath to that effect when they join that fantastic club, the club we would all like to be members of, if only for the wonderful perks they have engineered for themselves!

So, it seems to boil down to this, the rabid supporters, (of either party), mentioned at the start of this blog could quite easily swap sides for the difference their views would make. The simple fact is, there is actually very little difference between both parties today, and they both have to tackle the same global problems, in similar ways. If only they would get on with it, instead wasting all their time, and our taxes, shouting at each other and acting like spoilt children.


Do you agree with Brian? Who do you vote for and why?

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