The little miracles of everyday life

When you appreciate the tiny things, getting a green light can feel like a miracle.

I took my husband to the doctor yesterday. Usually when visiting this clinic I fling him out the car door and tell him to call when he’s ready and I’ll come back for him. There are rarely carparks anywhere near so I go and park several streets away and read while I wait for him. Yesterday outside the clinic there was a car park with ample room to park, long enough on the parking time not to have to move the car again until the appointment was finished. A miracle for city living.

It got me thinking what are the new miracles? Life has taught me the old miracles of new life, the spectacular dawn, and divine healing may need new additions.

All flights being on time on a holiday with several flight legs.

Calling your telephone or internet provider and being answered within 15 minutes might be another.

As I live in a country region and often drive over 100km to appointments or shops making a journey without being held up by roadworks is another.

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I am sure everybody has their own ‘miracles’ even if it’s only a particular person being ready on time.

Have you experienced a little miracle recently? Share it with us in the comments!