The laws that need to be changed

Like others, I heard about the Sydney siege that occurred yesterday and into the early hours of this morning. Then like a deluge it kept washing over us – too much coverage, too much horror, too many emotions. Yet when it ended and we found out more about the perpetrator, it just made it worse. He was mentally unbalanced, and he was on bail, which defies logic.

So I ask the question: how can we allow such laws for people who are so unstable? For me there is only common sense, here we have a man who threatens and writes evil letters to the families of soldiers, yet he is let out on community service, did he just clean up a few streets or help at a nursing home?

What good did it do, and who is ultimately responsible then for how he behaves, if he is not being watched or in a special facility? The person who allowed him to remain in the community should be publicly named, and those who make the laws that allow this to go on happening need to be accountable for their stupid laws. We as a society need to be protected from those who make dangerous threats and decide they have a mission. Warning bells were loud and clear to anyone with an ear to listen.

In this multicultural society I do not blame any one nation or religion, there are good and bad people in every group. We need to support those who may suffer the backlash because of this. No more riots please. No more hurting others. Remember we are Australian, we try to be a humane and caring society.

For the families affected and who have lost their loved members I am deeply sad, and for most it will not just go away, it will remain like a stone in their hearts. Lives are never quite the same, for some the trauma will continue and never go away. As I listened at 4am this morning it was with a very heavy heart. Not only Australian life changed, it changes the way we look at the world. So come on law makers protect us when you have the chance, letting people like this have another chance is just not working. When the warning bells ring I just hope someone in a position of power is listening next time.

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“I’ll walk beside you” – remember one madman with a crazy purpose does not represent everyone. The horrors of yesterday make us all angry, but angry about the stupid law makers as much as anything else.. My heart and the thoughts of a nation must be with them all. The world can still be beautiful, we just have to do our bit to make it so.

Do you agree with Jacqui? Should the lawmakers be held liable for the terrifying acts that unfolded in Sydney yesterday? If not then who should? Tell us below.

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