The great sauce debate: On top of your pie or inside the lid?

sauce on top of your meat pie or inside the 'lid'_
The debate rages on...

Lifting the lid or applying directly to the pastry; the debate still rages on among Australians everywhere.

On internet opinion site Reddit users debated on the correct way to eat a meat pie.

One user humourously commented:”Ok. You remove the lid in one neat piece. Put sauce in, replace the lid. Eat it one bite at a time being careful not to compromise the structural integrity of the pie. If done properly, you will be covered in bits of sauce and mince along with pastry flakes all over your friend’s car seats.”

Another agreed, but had a different method for putting the sauce inside to pie lid.

“What [you] do is get a squeezy sauce bottle like a Masterfoods and smash that nozzle in through the top. Bam inject that [into the pie] and you don’t have to worry about lid base interface seam spillage.” the user commented.

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Others disagreed stating in true Aussie style, “You put sauce on [top] and shove the pie into your pie hole.”

Only one commenter said they used both methods to get the best of both worlds, “I have been known to use both methods. Sauce on top with the first, sauce inside for the second.”

How do you eat your meat pie?