The Boston Bombings: Can it happen here?

Today’s bombings in Boston US during the running of the Boston Marathon are a stark reminder of the world we live in. This risk is present in all countries and a near daily occurrence in the Middle East. Occasionally we are reminded of why troops born of western democracy haunt the lands of those whom are known to perpetrate such atrocities.

I would be condemned by some for jumping to conclusions but the risk and threat of this occurring in Australia is ever present.  Our fine country of Australia has a heritage of mateship and courage in tackling difficult conditions to forge the nation we enjoy today.

Recent media coverage of refugees, illegal immigrants, includes many complaints of living conditions that they experience in places like Christmas Island etc.  I migrated to Australia in 1969 at the age of 15.  I needed to be able to speak English, be fit and healthy and have a sponsor (No government assistance back then).

I was close to dying of thirst in 1970 carrying my bag to my first mining job in the north of South Australia in January heat of 45 Celsius.

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I spent much of my life building and operating the mining industry in outback locations.  My life, though in tough conditions, was fortunate in comparison to early settlers and miners, who built railways, and cleared the bush for the farms that now give us our food supply.

Similarly, our armed forces endured tough conditions in deserts and jungles, living in tents, and made sacrifices for Australia to protect the freedoms and lifestyle we enjoy.

To allow the current influx of illegal immigrants to play on our established character of stable western democracy, to allow them to cry foul about our charity is a slap in the face.  Are we going soft on these who come in illegally and make demands for luxury lifestyles, when our pioneers and forebears lived in tents in far worse conditions?

These recent arrivals have never experienced, nor have any respect for, the hardships over the past two hundred years that forged this country.

The recent attempt in an Australian court to have a Muslim man cleared of rape due to differences in his cultural background is crossing the line and I feel the need to speak out.  In the rapist’s defense, his lawyer argued that he wasn’t at all clear about this whole “Women are human beings” thing. ???

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The risks are clear and I feel for the majority of migrants and refuges whom strive to become Australians no matter where they come from. I pray the radical element of Islam gives the cultural spread of Australia the respect it deserves and we do not witness such events as 9/11 and Boston.

If they cannot be grateful for tents and basic comforts, respect Australian law and culture, then they can go back to whence they came as many did from my time.

I am glad I came.  I didn’t complain.  I worked, and I became an Australian.

photo credit: planetlight via photopin cc