The Book Plan

Yes. I had a book plan today. I was going to a University of the Third Age (U3A) lunch and decided to take my book along so I could give it to the lady who invited me, because she has also asked me to give a talk in December on The Prince Edward Theatre, EJ Carroll and film etc. About 30 to 40 people sitting around listening, and as the talk drew to a close I opened my book to write her name and sign it.

Before I had written anything there was a tap on my arm and the lady behind me asked if she could have a look at the book. Oh Okay.

“Where did you find it?” she asked. “Where can I buy it?”

“Well, it’s actually mine and…”

“Oh, you own it?”

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“Yes, and…”

“Well where did you buy it because I’m fascinated by the title.”

“Actually I wrote it.”

“Oh… Can I have a look at it?”

“Well I was going to give it to C and I was just going to sign…”

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“Can you sell it to me?”


“How much is it?”

“You mightn’t like it,” I said, as she waved the money at me.

Oh my God, Jan, what are you doing? Well I — you know, that’s not the plan. Time for a new plan, Jan — sell her the book.

Long story short, I sold her the book. What sort of a super saleswoman, am I then? I think it’s called Negative Gearing. She can’t wait to read it, she said and can’t wait to tell her friends. Yeah, tell everyone, shout it from the rooftops, I wanted to say. Of course if I exerted myself even slightly in this endeavour I might have sold more myself, instead of giving most of them away — lazy cow.

Have you ever experienced something like this? Have you found yourself overwhelmed by a situation? Tell us your thoughts.