That is Christmas

He opened the door of the workshop, whistling a merry tune, shook of the snow on his boots, and walked into pandemonium. There was a deafening noise, colour everywhere, every colour of the rainbow. There were elves running, jumping and turning cartwheels. Elves, short, tall, old and young, each trying to make themselves heard, the noise was horrific.

“What is going on here?”, Father Christmas thundered. There was silence, immediately, stone cold silence, not one elf moved; all eyes were on the big figure in the doorway. Father Christmas glared at Shinic, the old elf in charge, “Well?” he said raising a bushy white eyebrow. Shinic explained that they had finished at last and that all toys were made for the year.

One year the elves made a huge mess painting and Mother Christmas was extremely mad when she found the red paint all over the roof. Mother Christmas was angry however by promising a nice big pudding after tea it was soon cleaned up.

After everything was wrapped in Christmas paper and there was a name and address on each present, the toys were ready to be bagged. The toys were then placed in the big Christmas bag that sat on the sleigh, each in the order for Father Christmas to deliver. The presents were sorted by who had been naughty and who had been nice. Mother Christmas said, “all children are really nice and they do deserve to get a present, even if they have been a little naughty once in a while”, the elves also agreed. “Good work, every one of you, now all we have to do is get those Reindeer in shape”, said Father Christmas.

The reindeers had been quite lazy during the year; Father Christmas had to be stern with them. He reminded them that they had a very important job, if they did not deliver presents to all the boys and girls in the world, they would be very sad indeed. They had looked at each other and nodded. Now all the reindeers go out in the sleigh, twice a day, training, they are becoming exceedingly fit for the long trip on Christmas Eve.

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With only a month to go before Christmas Eve at the North Pole, it is very cold. When the reindeers go out they have to be very careful not to get a cold, or all reindeers will get a cold, and then no one would be able to recognise Rudolph.

Finally as all the work has been done it looks as though the sleigh is ready to go and the reindeers are in good shape. The elves, mother and father Christmas have a few days to relax so they can catch up on lost sleep and have some good, quality, time together.

Christmas Eve is here at last, the reindeers are ready as ever, presents are in their bags on the back of the sleigh and father Christmas throws his wife a last kiss as they depart.

“Let’s go! Rudolph, Prancer, Dancer, Blitzen, Dasher, Vixen, Comet, Cupid and Donner, we are on our way”.

Up, up, into the crisp, clear, winters night went father Christmas, the sleigh and the reindeers, and they disappeared into the magical mystery – that is Christmas.

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