Take smartphone photos like a pro

I went to my last-ever university ball on Thursday. Among other things, such as dolling up in the prettiest dresses, drinking just a little too much and dancing the night away, university balls are known to involve taking lots and lots of glamorous photos.

It was during one of these photo-taking sessions that a friend happened to show me something really neat about iPhone cameras: you can adjust the brightness while taking a photo!

What this means is that, whenever you’re pointing your iPhone camera towards something, and the photo appears too dark or too bright, you’ll be able to adjust the brightness to a setting that’s just right. No more dark, blurry photos!

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Open up your iPhone Camera by going to your menu screen and tapping on the Camera app
  2. Point your camera towards something that you wish to take a photo of
  3. Tap the screen on wherever you wish the Camera to focus
  4. You’ll see a yellow box with a little sun icon on the right
  5. Swipe upwards on your screen to make the photo brighter. The little sun icon will move upwards
  6. Swipe downwards on your screen to make the photo darker. The little sun icon will move downwards
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There you go! Now you can take your photos with the perfect lighting.

This feature is available on all iOS 8 devices and above, so feel free to try this on your iPad as well! But sorry, Android users, your cameras don’t have this feature yet.

Do you take photographs on your smartphone or tablet? What sorts of photographs do you take?