Sue caught a cold and now feels 'better than better'

Woman happy on beach
Sue has a newfound energy. Image: Stock

May I preface this article by stating the following:

  • I am not mad (or at least I don’t believe so),
  • I haven’t taken any drugs,
  • My wine consumption is no different to any other day. 

 You might think this is odd but believe me, it is necessary.

 Now some of you will already know that about three weeks ago, I caught a cold (ostensibly from my grandson). That rhinovirus morphed into a lung infection, which in turn brought about a COPD episode. I spent two days in hospital and the last three weeks at home in recovery mode.  

 This last week I’ve felt much better. In the last three days I’ve felt better than better.

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Apart from the chronic issues, in recent days I have experienced a clarity of mind, in that my concentration is significantly better; I’m actually getting things done, which is great given that I suffer from clinical depression and motivation is always an issue for me; and I feel better physically than I have in years.

Now, I found this all a bit strange. In the early hours of this morning I offered up a few words to the ‘power of the universe’ thanking them profusely and requesting that this turnabout be a lasting thing.  Let’s face it, I haven’t had too much luck in the last two or three years, in particular.

So I will reiterate that I haven’t lost my sanity. I ask you all to celebrate this phenomena and send whatever thoughts you can muster out there on my behalf!

Have you ever experience a fresh burst of energy after an illness like Sue has?