Some inspiration for all of us: Hip hoppers over 60!

The Hip-Operation Crew in March 2013

We’ve discovered it… true inspiration for all of us over 60.  On the island of Waiheke off the east coast of New Zealand is the world’s oldest Hip Hop Dance Crew. And if ever you thought the aches in your bones were enough to keep you home from your exercise, be energised by the effort this crew puts in to their health, practicing together regularly, and finding rhythm in their age.  They tour the country, and dance in a wide variety of places.


The Mega Crew dance troupe consists of 37 senior citizens aged between 66 and 96 years old. It has been established to show respect to the youth of the world, and popular culture.


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The group has been invited to perform at the World Hip-Hop Championships in Las Vegas in August, 2013. Take a look at them in action and tell us what you think. Are you part of an adult dance troupe? Want to tell us about it?