Some friendly advice from one senior to another...

I want to share with you today some of the simple, but valuable things I have learned in a lifetime of avoiding issues…  You might be able to add some of your own.  

1.  Never volunteer, especially at work. If it looks as though someone is approaching, with a view to getting you to volunteer for something, grab a piece of paper, and walk briskly about as if you’re going somewhere important!

2.  Never refuse an offer of something, or a gift. A refusal on your part can often offend and anyway, you never know when you might find a use for what is being offered, sometime in the future.

3.  Never let a true friend down, but always be completely honest with them. If you are unable to help with something, say so straight away. Don’t say you’ll help and then fail to turn up.

4.  If there’s someone you don’t like, the best thing is to steer clear of them, thus avoiding hassle and/or embarrassment.

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5.  Never borrow money from a friend. You can bet your life, if you do, some reason will crop up why you can’t pay it back when you said you would. The quickest known way to lose a friend!

6.  If you want to wear ‘geary’ clothes when you’re more than sixty years old, don’t forget you may also need to act the part as well. That could mean doing rock-n-roll at parties, drinking lots of cocktails, (again at parties), knowing the lingo for the age group you’re trying to imitate and having the energy to do all this. If you want to sit quietly in the background and simply enjoy what others, younger and fitter than you are doing, dress and admit, your age!

7.  Never run to catch a bus – there’ll always be another one along soon, and in the meantime you don’t suffer a heart attack.

8.  Always take the tablets! I once missed my prescription, just for a day or two and before I knew it my blood pressure was off the scale – I was lucky to survive!

9.  Don’t show off. This can have much the same results as 6, 7 and 8 above. Showing off can be too exciting for old timers.

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10.  Don’t break the speed limit, the copper is liable to take a look at you, wonder if you’re still fit to drive and have you tested. And you might fail!

11.  If you find it hard to walk anywhere nowadays and get yourself one of those electric car things with a flag at the back, make sure you have some infallible way of remembering to put the vehicle on charge after every time you use it. It can be very annoying if you suddenly need to get to the doctor or the hospital and find you have no power.

12.  For very similar reasons, put your mobile phone on charge too!

13.  Try to eat everything your stomach will accept, when its offered. A neighbour dropping in with a pie can save you dollars in electricity and it means the food you have in the house will last a day longer too.

14.  If you have home help coming in, bury your pride and don’t thoroughly clean the house before she turns up. If you do that, not only are you putting yourself in some danger through doing work you maybe shouldn’t, but you are also wasting the time of the home helper.

15.  Join a senior citizen’s group in your locality and take advantage of any trips they offer. The worse thing any of us can do, as we get older, is to sit at home gazing at the telly. Get out and about – it will help to keep your brain alive and you too!
image: coolchrisc