So, you want to travel? How to get going and the questions to ask yourself

So, you want to travel? Perhaps a friend has told you, “You must go to Paris”. Or, a family member has said, “You really should go to Hawaii, you’ll love it”. When we follow “musts” or “shoulds” we are not really honouring what is important to us.

The first thing you have to do is identify what is highest in your value system when it comes to travel. Do you enjoy visiting historical sites; do you love having holidays where you get to engage in a lot of physical activity or do you relish going to out of the way places? You need to first identify what gives you a buzz and what really inspires you.

The next thing to ask yourself is about your risk tolerance. The same way that people vary in their risk profiles when it comes to finances, we also have a certain amount of risk when it comes to travelling. For seniors, this is a very important issue.

Do you prefer to do your own thing and rent your own vehicle, even in some third world countries, or do you prefer letting others take care of you such as on tours and cruises? As we get older we don’t tolerate adversity as well, so if you cannot cope with being accosted on the street or having your valuables stolen, you may want to stick with a very conservative sort of tour that gives you the ultimate in security.

Once you have identified these things, then it is time to look at where you may want to go, keeping in mind what is important to you. The best way today is to search the internet. Look up travel blogs and travel websites to get ideas. As most of us are visual, looking at photos will often trigger a feeling of, “I would love to go there”. For us, seeing a photo of Patagonia was so inspiring, that we made it a reality a couple of years later.

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Create your travel dream book 

A great idea is to create a dream book which has your goals and aspirations of where you would love to travel. Print out photos from the internet or cut out photos out of travel magazines and place them in your dream book. Write down when you will be travelling to your holiday spot and be specific regarding the month and year. This is also the place to write down the cost of the trip and figure out how you will budget for it. If it entails setting aside money over time, you can write down the specific way in which you will achieve it. The final thing to do is to read your goals and look at your photos regularly. It is amazing how doing so will turn your dream into reality.

It’s fun dreaming, planning, and seeing your dream come to fruition. The ultimate reward is a fulfilling and inspiring adventure.


When are you planning your next holiday? Have you asked yourself some of these questions? What will be your first stop? Tell us below.