Slippery Grip: I shouldn't be allowed to text!

A relationship is built on many things, but one of the more important elements is communication. Letting your partner know how you feel is vital for clarity and understanding.

Of course, after quite a few years of marriage those non verbal signs play a part as well, but still, love is built on letting your partner know all about it.

So with this in mind I thought I’d just text my husband. Embracing the new vernacular, I’d let him know he needed to pick up apples or bring home the bacon.

Bcn hlf price. pleez. xxxooo. It was easy and fun. We could talk to one another in small snippets and still get on with our day. Keeping track of where we left the phone was a bit more problematic. You put the darn thing down and the next minute it’s gone. Then you need to ask him to ring it so you can find it. These calls took up most of our credit as our mobile phones were too darn mobile.

The inevitable happened and we lost one, his. So we needed to get another and a new number. Upgrading has, we found out, even more gadgets. Emoticons, pictures, and other things that add a whole new dimension to texting.

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So I decided to give my hubby a bit of surprise. I text him on what he might expect when he came home from work, and it didn’t include lining the cat litter tray. I thought I was being daring, innovative and fresh. I used the speed dial for his number.

Did you know that Telstra recycle old numbers?

The man who received my blushing sexting was quite willing to give it a go. His girlfriend on the other hand had quite a bit to say about it after she wanted to know who the hell I was and how did I know her mate. Communication can be quite effective in the right circumstances. I explained. I apologised and I was left in no uncertain terms what the girlfriend would do to me if she ever heard from me again.

There is a lot to be said for non verbal signals. Safer all round I have found.


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