Sixty Something: The older generation is being left behind

Well fellow SAS readers, how much more do we need to take? Today I am reading posts from some of you that tell me about not being able to afford heat or the struggle with rent etc. Plights that the bulk of us seem to have once we cannot work anymore, are ageing. It saddens me to think that in a world constantly “going forward”, that the older generation is being left behind.

Do young people think their time will never come? Do they think it will be much better for them? Why do I constantly hear from them how we have messed our own retirement up? Do they not know that most of my era didn’t receive superannuation or baby bonuses or maternity leave? Do they not know that we worked 40, 50 and 60 hours a week, every week to make this country what it should be today? Apparently not or they just don’t care.  

Many young people today don’t understand the meaning of giving back. Many young people think that a parent should have done everything for their children because they choose to have them.  Many young people don’t believe they have any obligation to their parents. While on the whole I agree your children are not here to take car of you, it saddens me to think that some children don’t feel the love I have naturally assumed parents feel for kids and vice versa. I will worry and care for my kids as long as I live and no matter how they treat me, so why do they think that we bring this situation on ourselves as we age? I hope they don’t have to go through it with their children. I hope they have kids that care if they are cold or hungry.

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Now for the government! What can I say? Although I am not a fan of this present government, I admit that over many years, no matter which party is in office, the ageing population, although receiving some assistance from some parties, has been sadly overlooked and it’s getting worse. Yes, even politicians will age! The difference is they realise it will be easier for most of them, because of their big retirement benefits and quirks. Oh how so many pensioners would love to sit with partners and have a lovely lunch without looking at the cost or sharing with someone – just once a month or so would be nice. How so many pensioners would love just to flick the heater button and not worry how they will pay the bill. How they would love a small holiday once in a while. With the situation as it is now, these things will be so far beyond the average 60-something to afford, they won’t even dream about it.

I can’t remember what year, but I believe John Howard, when leader of the Opposition, admitted to not even knowing the cost of a carton of milk or the average weekly grocery bill. I don’t believe things have changed much and no I don’t feel guilty or eternally grateful for what I receive from the government.

You see, for many years I paid my dues. I worked very hard, I paid taxes and got nothing but promises in return. Why should we pay a percentage of the money we earned back to the government? They didn’t work their butts off for it. Because we were told it was to benefit us in old age, just like super is supposed to do now. This has not happened. We talk and talk and the government pretends to listen. We were not like blessed with genius brains to secure a highly paid job. We were not all blessed with our lives going to plan so that we ended up with a pair home in our senior years or plenty of money in the bank. But we are all human beings. We all deserve equality and respect and human kindness and I am afraid I am not seeing this happening anymore. The majority of young people seem to think we have brought this on ourselves, the government seem to live in hope that our failing public health system will wipe some of us out and the rest will take care of itself.  

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We live in a world that has very little concern or care for each other. Is this what progress has caused? I call it greed and shame on this country for letting it happen.  

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