Screw the politicians

It’s obvious the ordinary people of this planet have at last had enough, and they are telling their so-called leaders, (what a joke that is), from whichever side of politics they come, that things have to change from now on, or else!

The complacent politicians thought they had everything pretty well sewn up until Brexit came along and blew an enormous hole in their thinking. Suddenly their ‘gang’ was starting to crumble around the edges and Britain was standing alone in a fairly hostile world that is going to test her ability to make the most of her opportunity. Yet if Great Britain’s leaders have the guts, determination and marketing skills required, they can grab a whole world of commerce which might well have gone into the coffers of Europe, until now.

All that is necessary is for some hard selling by the entrepreneurs, to remind everyone of what England has done in the past and telling the world that they are still capable of it into the future. On top of that, there are the country’s which, if they take the time to stop for a moment and think about it, have plenty of ‘stuff’ they will want to sell to England, in return!

Just think of the ‘good’ old days when Australia’s and New Zealand’s major market was England, most of our wool, meat and dairy products went to that small country off the coast of Europe — that is surely a route that can be created once again, as long as no one bears a silly grudge about the way we were treated all those years ago. Look to the future instead, just as we have in the case of Japan, now one of our closest allies and trading partners, despite the war.

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Another way in which the people have given the politicians a damned good bashing is in Australia itself. We recently allowed none of them a real majority in parliament, so that now, almost for the first time, they all have to work — HARD — to progress their sometimes stupid ideas and policies.

For much too long our leaders have been namby-pamby cowards too, terrified of offending any minority group, which at the same time, if they stopped for five minutes to think about it, means they are seriously offending the rest of us; how daft is that, and where has good old democracy disappeared to, because it’s not working now, that’s for sure!

Now look at what has happened. Who, in their right minds, really thought Donald Trump was going to finish up as actual president of the United States?

It was all good fun during the long build-up to Election Day, but we saw rapid changes on the faces of leaders, not only in America, but all round the world as well as the day went on, followed by quite serious stock market losses in every market once the horror of the situation soaked in! Now it remains to be seen what will happen next, but remember it is solely because of the reaction of ordinary people that it has happened at all!

As I said earlier, the ordinary man and woman in the street has had enough and the consensus appears to be that we should chuck out the old school and usher in some new and possibly radical ideas, to see if they work any better.

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In the past, major changes have been brought about by revolution and blood-shed, but in today’s world I think the possibility of wiping out the whole human race with the weapons we now possess means that a rethink has been necessary, with the ballot box taking the place of the sword.

I think we are in for an interesting few years, it would be very exciting to see what comes out at the other end, though I doubt I shall have the pleasure of living long enough to enjoy the possible benefits — nothing really moves fast in politics, whoever is in charge!

What do you think about what Brian has to say? Do you think complacency is an issue in politics?

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