I have been around a while and am not conventional in my dress, my hair or my style. I see no reason why I should look and act like everyone else. I am usually kind and thoughtful I have never stolen anything, or broken any of the normal rules. But the petty rules drive me insane.

Health and safety rules are often a good idea, but even they can be twisted and it all unravels as we deal with a stupid situation which the rule makers had not considered. Recently I read of a blind girl in a Bristol primary school, who was prevented from using a white cane. They cited ‘safety’ as the reason. That may soon be resolved, I hope so.

Trying to put an event on has become a nightmare, as the rules mean more insurance, more safety rules, because of this the higher cost has meant the folding of small events and larger annual ones. The local show is folding because of lack of support and cash, and is certainly not helped by the new rules and insurance hikes. I also think some of the blame must go to the litigants who bring frivolous claims to court.

Two places locally have closed their catering, not because they made anyone ill but because the kitchen was not of the highest standard, although clean… Pristine in fact! Also they had passed the food handling course.

Buildings must be safe, but when I was watching an episode of Grand Designs one particular council had some very obtuse rules for the builder to follow, it really was concerning the ‘green’ ideas of this council and the marking they gave had to be 90 points, for things like using recycled water for washing everything, that included showers for the workers.

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The poor builders met the recycled requirements, they salvaged wooden planks from the buildings around reclaimed bricks, made a roof garden with plants native to the area. Saved every drop of water and re-used it. They used commended insulation, in fact the house was already a model for the future home before council stepped in.

They were just under the score needed, when the result would have meant losing their permit and pulling down the whole building! How ridiculous that would have been when with a stroke of genius they decided to plant some wild flowers on the roof garden too. Phew they just got back those precious points.

This indicates how very crazy it has become, as the builder was already very aware of saving the planet. Her ideas were all sensible and sustainable. The world is mad, and gets madder it seems.

Have you been affected in some aspect of everyday life? Have you found a rule that seemed unworkable and unnecessary?

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