Relive Lucie's skydive: from the live cam

Last Saturday 63 year old Lucie Gleeson took a giant leap for all of us, to show what being an “Active Over 60” is all about.  She parachuted from a plane over central Perth, as you can see in the video below, demonstrating our lust for life and our energy here at Starts at Sixty.  We’re proud of her, and I think she is even more proud of herself, stepping up and taking such a bold step.


Let’s enjoy Lucie’s real life skydive experience, and live a little vicariously… I know you want to.  The reporters from WA Today have put together this story about Lucie’s jump and our site, Starts at Sixty.  And, then, take the time to read Lucie’s blog, below… the story of her jump.

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Not the least bit scared… by Lucie Gleeson

Where do I start…………………..firstly thank you Starts at Sixty, Red Balloon, and the community for getting behind me with all your well-wishes!

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I was not in the least bit scared because I knew that I would be in safe hands and those safe hands belonged to Tom, a lovely young man who has completed more than 2500 jumps.  I ask ‘ Can you get any safer than that’.  My family all came down to the Perth foreshore to see me off to the airport and for my fabulous landing, my grandchildren bought their binoculars to make sure they didn’t miss a thing. How often do you get to see Nana sailing through the sky.


We drove to Jandakot airport which is about 20 minutes from the Perth CBD and then got harnessed up for the jump. As we went outside to board the plane I assumed we were going to get on the nearest plane which was a lovely streamlined little white number.  When I asked if it was our plane my vision was directed towards a very tiny bright blue plane complete with a propeller and duct tape wrapped around  the wing.  I thought  ‘Oh god at least I’ll be jumping with a gorgeous looking man strapped to my back so who cares about the duct tape holding the wing together’.


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The plane was very noisy and my heart was beating so loud I was sure everyone could hear it, but the view was awesome, the coast line looked like Lego land.  The jump was overwhelming, I had to close my eyes for the first couple of seconds as I felt really sick but then I opened my eyes and it was just spectacular, the most incredible feeling.  It truly felt like time had stopped!  I loved the free fall more than the gliding down when the parachute had opened. I got to have a go at steering and even though I didn’t do the roly polies my beautiful granddaughter Taylor wanted me to do I did manage some pretty good spins.  I didn’t want it to end.  It was the most unexpected and fabulous journey and I thank you so much for giving me the  chance to experience it.


Thank you to everyone who sent me well wishes on the website.  We 60+ are extraordinary, fantastic & remarkable people & we can do anything people half our age can do.


On behalf of Lucie and Starts at Sixty, we have to thank RedBalloon who are sponsoring our community with extraordinary experiences this year…

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This is the first of many, so watch out for our callouts on Facebook … you could be our next ACTIVE over 60 … 


Here is a link to Lucie’s pre-skydive blog, so you can feel all the anticipation we sent her off with…