People want me because I am old!

The worm’s turning. Something wonderful is happening! People want me because I am old!

After suffering years of ageism before retirement I am in seventh heaven because now I am wanted by employers.

After retiring in early 2010 we became grey nomads. We’re into our fifth year on the road and often find that we are going stir crazy just touring. You get very fat just sitting all day and your mind gets slower and slower and there’s only one remedy for both problems so we volunteer or work.

Five years ago when we approached employers in regional Australia we found they preferred backpackers because they were young. This is what we had come to expect in Sydney and we just accepted that in this country we consign people over 45 to the employment scrap heap.

It’s OK for the government to say they want us to work longer but ageism and its problems are not even addressed, however now nature seems to be taking its course.

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Now when we approach an employer in regional Australia we are suddenly snatched up. The reasons for this are interesting.

  1. Employers want us because we turn up.

Really?! Wouldn’t anyone who wanted a job turn up? Not according to the people we’ve worked for. They are sick of workers who just don’t show and don’t seem to care that they miss a day’s work. They even fail to notify an employer who has a string of other people depending on the output of that person to do their job. Like the packers who have nothing to pack because no one has turned up to pick the fruit. Or tour groups with no guide.

  1. Employers want us because we work the whole time we are there.

We don’t have a rest because we feel like resting. We only rest at designated break times. We don’t slack off because we’re tired from a night out or because we need to check our Facebook page or answer a call. We still do those things but only at the allotted times.

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  1. Employers want us because we really care about the job we do.

It is pride in our work that makes it enjoyable. If we didn’t take pride in doing a good job or in working as hard as we can we would have no self-respect and no respect from others and we value that.

  1. They want us because we know there are consequences for not doing the job the way the boss wants it done.

When an employer shows us what they want done we take note and we do everything they need us to do as part of that job. We never leave them for others to do because we don’t feel like doing them or don’t like doing them. We would have no self-respect if others had to pick up after us. And that’s why the worm has turned.

We are very excited to be welcomed by employers and can’t help but be surprised to be thanked for doing what we were hired to do. It blows us away. But what will happen when we are too old to pick up the pieces? Who will work then?

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