Payback for Australia's politically correct brigade?

For many years we have had to put up with the high-jinx of the politically-correct-do-gooders of our society, as they carefully arrange for the world to function exactly as they require. Anything that offends them in any way, they have somehow managed to get banned, so that we can now no longer touch anyone, in any way, without their express permission. We cannot buy children’s books that have the slightest hint of anything risqué in them; kids can no longer own, or play with, a doll called a ‘golliwog’; there’s even a new rule, published as I write this, that bans the nursery rhyme ‘Baa Baa Black Sheep’ – they want it changed to ‘Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep’! I wonder if they’re aware of the hidden meaning of rainbow, in connection with homosexuals? Blind people have to be referred to as ‘visually impaired’ and we mustn’t do anything that might offend any of the minority groups who share this wonderful country with us. Of course, this last rule doesn’t take into account the offence we, the majority suffer, because of these impositions!

The trouble is, in many cases, the decrees created by these idiots haven’t been thought through to their logical conclusion. Take for instance the case of a child, lost in a large shopping centre like Chadstone, standing alone in the middle of the concourse, crying quietly. Do you get down on your hands and knees to try to comfort him? Do you hold the child’s hand, and take him to the management office (apparently, to anyone watching, walking off with the child)? Do you just stand there, trying to guard the kid without personal contact, looking round hopefully for someone, anyone, who appears to be frantically searching? I for one would think twice or even thrice, before I would go near that youngster, in case someone got the wrong idea and reported me! So the politically correct rule that simply says anyone having anything to do with lone children should be apprehended, ostensibly to protect the child, means that he is actually likely to be in more danger than ever, because no ordinary person will dare to go near him! (Oh, for the politically correct, “him” is meant to include “her” as well, to simplify the text!).

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I know several Muslims, and they are the nicest people I could wish to meet. And believe it or not, they are just as offended as I am that all these silly rules are being applied, supposedly for their benefit and that of other minority groups. The vast majority of them couldn’t care less that we celebrate Christmas and Easter, they accept that these festivals are part of our traditions. What would annoy them would be the banning of their traditions, something that thankfully doesn’t happen here. They appreciate that our attitudes are much more relaxed than in the country they came from (which is one of the reasons why they came here in the first place)! It’s just a comparatively small group of reactionaries and hooligans who make all the trouble for the rest, and of course the do-gooders latch onto them, without considering the feelings of everyone else.

The trouble is, we have reactionaries of our own, who love all the politically correct rules, to make the worst of them, using them against the very people they were supposedly designed to protect. You could almost say a form of ‘karma’ is coming into play, where their rules are coming back to bite them, as in the example I suggested above, with a child being put in the very danger from which he should be protected!

What we are desperately in need of in Australia, isn’t political correctness, it’s common sense, something we used to have in aces twenty or more years ago, but which is sadly lacking in some quarters today. Let’s face it, the majority can be trusted to do the right thing, the minority who don’t do so should be punished as fiercely as possible, with sentences that really make them think twice about offending again, rather than the ‘slap on the wrist’ which appears to be the rule at the present time.

Do you agree with Brian? Have we gone politically correct crazy? What do you think about the cotton wool world we live in? Tell us below.