Oh my God! It’s happened to me: I’ve just wet my pants!

Oh my God! It’s happened to me! I’ve just wet my pants! Not just a little dribble contained by my light bladder leakage panty liners but a ‘full on loss’ of the contents of my bladder as a result of a coughing fit! The panty liner had no chance – nor did my knickers or the ‘jeggings’ I was wearing. In an instant, my computer chair is sodden and there’s even a wet patch on the carpet!

I’m horrified! OK – once in my 50s, I had to acknowledge that, having bore a couple of children (and the fact that I was getting older) all the pelvic floor exercises I had done over the years weren’t going to ‘cut it’. Enter panty liners! Up till now they have sufficed – containing the odd, wee dribble when an unexpected sneeze or cough put a strain on things.

No longer! Now I will have to research the cost of incontinence knickers.

In the scheme of other health issues I’ve had to deal with in recent months, I guess I shouldn’t consider it ‘major’. BUT I do because it’s another reminder that things are happening to my body that I have absolutely no control over simply because I’m getting older. It pisses me off’ (pardon the pun).

So re-enter the use of sanitary pads (that I haven’t used since the advent of tampons).

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It’s not just a ‘female’ thing either. An enlarged prostate will have our male companions scurrying for the personal aisle.

I’m grateful for the fact I’ve seen another birthday but, really, do I have to suffer the indignity of not being able to control my ‘wee’? It would seem so!


Can you feel for Sue’s situation? 

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