Your first rock concert

I took my kids to see One Direction this week… (“So what” you say…)  It was an exciting moment for the young eight and ten year old girls who get a buzz out of singing to their songs in the car loudly, let alone seeing a band “live”.  And it got me thinking… What was your first pop concert?   What was it like?


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The anticipation at One Direction was palpable.

Young teens and pre-teens were everywhere, in the accompanied safety of their parents, off to have an early music-lovers experience.  The band arrived on stage to squeals that I could only imagine are similar to those that welcomed “The Beatles”.  Over a two hour period, every time one of the five boys stepped out on stage the crowd would break into song-obliterating squeals… mid song and all.  A little distracting for us older attendees, but apparently the kids didn’t notice… it just made them want to scream more to join the excitement.

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It turns out this is common to every one of the 125 shows they have done so far on their four month worldwide tour.  They have banned water bottles in the concert hall because so many girls were writing their name on a piece of paper, inserting it into the bottle and launching it at the stage.

So it got me thinking… I want to know what your first pop or rock concert was, how old you were, and your memories of the fanatics, the fun and the entertainment.  

I’m a bit younger than most of you, so mine was INXS, X Factor and I remember being 13 and going specially with my friends…  It was our first big moment out without our parents with us.  (It think they waited outside).  We felt so grown up… 

I can’t wait to hear yours.  I am sure you have plenty of memories to share that we will all be able to enjoy.