We remember when...

There are so many things that defined my childhood. Icons of that era that are now somewhat forgotten. They have brought us all so many happy memories, laughs and maybe even sad times. Kids today will never know these things and not understand the significance they have had throughout our lives.

So let’s pay tribute to these wonderful things and look back on them fondly… What things did you grow up with that your grandkids will never know?



Black and white TV. Colour TV was standardised sometime during the 1970s… But if you tell your grandkids you were raised on no TV or a black and white one (if you were really lucky) they are often hard done believing you!

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Men in tight, tight shorts. The tighter the better seemed to be the favourite while I was growing up. They were short, tight and were worn high on the waist in a not so flattering ensemble. Oh, and the shirt was always tucked in. Let’s just take a minute to appreciate just how small they really are!



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Petticoats were worn underneath the dresses and skirts that we all wore. They were a proper undergarment and putting on your petticoat was akin to pulling up your undies or doing up your bra!


roast beef

A fancy meal was roast beef, potatoes and gravy. You knew it was a special occasion when this was placed on the table in front of you! And, if you were very lucky, you would get some extra veggies like carrots or even green beans!


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parcel string

Tying your parcels (and everything else) up with a piece of string. Sometimes brown, sometimes white, but whatever it was… It was string, it was sturdy and you knew it was secure.


milk crema

Homogenised milk with cream on top. This was what we had and it’s what we loved!

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We didn’t have email or Facebook and instead we had the trust aerogram…



Outhouses. Before we all had the luxury of a working toilet in our bathrooms we all had an outhouse… Can you remember the men coming to change the tanks every week?

So, after our little trip down memory lane, what things did you grow up with that your grandkids never will? Tell us in the comments below and join in our nostalgic discussion!