Waterful Ring Toss is still more fun than Pokémon Go

Almost every generation has a handheld game that took the world by storm.  While some of these games like Pokémon Go are getting into trouble or worse accidents, there wasn’t must trouble you could get into with the 70s sensation Waterful Ring Toss.

Produced by the Tomy Company in the early 70s this puzzle game seemed simple but would result in hours of entertainment!  Sometimes it’s the most straightforward products that can bring the most enjoyment.

It’s going down . #waterfulringtoss

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The idea of the game was to use jets of water to push rings onto scoring posts.  Get as many rings as you can get.  That’s it.  However, you would be hard-pressed to find a person that had one that didn’t spend hours trying to get a better score than their last game.

Oh yes I just got all of them lol #iwin #waterfulringtoss #myvideogamewheniwaslittle #tbt

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A lot of other companies tried to move in on Tomy’s success releasing their own versions of the game, but there is something about the original.  A simple product and also a tried and tested one as Tomy still produces versions of it today.  Many still play it as well trying to get the ultimate score, all rings on the posts!

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Did you have a Waterful Ring Toss?  Did you ever get all the rings?  What are your favourite games from the past?