The TV jingles that were a soundtrack for a generation

Have you ever had a jingle pop in your head from the past that you can’t put your finger on? Then you are doing the shopping and see it, the product the jingle used to be for. Talk about marketing bang for buck.

The ads of the 1960s and 1970s were full of jingles and only in black and white… This was before advertising got too risque and when a good sing along and some pretty people were all you needed to make an ad successful!

Do you remember these TV advertisements from the 1960s? We think they’re crack-ups showing off the good and bad of this era…

1. Coca-Cola… Filmed in Parsley Bay, New South Wales

2. The Streets Cassata bar icecream

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3. BP C.O.R. for BP Super

4. Harris Coffee and Tea

5. Holden (who love’s football, meat pies, kangaroos and holden cars??)

6. Milo, Australia’s favourite “tonic food”!

7. Bonds cottontails women’s underwear

Not enough? Here are some more in a 17-minute compilation. These will bring back the memories.

What advertisements do you remember? Tell us what they were and why you loved or hated them!