The things our parents did that would be considered neglect now

Getting a drink from the hose because your mum locked you out for the day.

There’s no denying that things have changed dramatically over the years since we were growing up. The food we ate back then (no-one had heard of Quinoa!), the music we listened to (it was better), the fashions we wore (they probably should mostly stay in the past), and the things we did for entertainment (two words, kids: NO INTERNET). 

One other thing that has changed dramatically, is parenting itself. 

Back then, kids weren’t made to think that they were special. They were kids; and parents raised them to be adults, not 20-year-olds still living at home. In fact, a lot of things our parents used to do would probably have them arrested for abuse or neglect in today’s world. Let’s look back:

1. Drinking from the hose

It’s unlikely a modern parent would allow this, what with all the chemicals leaching out of the hose plastic. But when we were growing up, there was nothing better than a refreshing sip out of the hose on on a hot day when you’ve been out riding your bike because …

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2. Your mum locked you out of the house and told you not to come home before dinner

This would definitely be neglect, but boy, we had fun on those long days. And it probably helped keep our mums sane too!

3. Our parents had no idea where we were between sun up and sun down

And the freedom helped to develop that fierce independence we carry to this day!

4. We all crammed into the station wagon 

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And we didn’t even have seat belts! Of course, it was a blast at the time but there is a very good reason we no longer do that. 

5. If we stuffed up, we got a bloody good hiding

Not the best memories, but they were definitely character building. 

Our parents are a big part of who we are today, even if they did it very differently to modern parents now. 

What parenting techniques do you remember that would be out of place today?