Saturday Night Nostalgia: What we did after school

When kids are picked up these days, there might be the rush to stick their faces into a screen so lose themselves in the online entertainment that awaits them. It’s a real shame and a real shift in what the generations before them did. This Saturday night we are going to look back at what kids used to do between those hours that school ended and the dinner call was made.

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A pick-up game
If there was a ball hanging around a quick game of cricket or footy wasn’t far behind. It could be a simple toss around or a more serious team game, but it was a fun way of blowing off steam and getting a good run around on. A game of Rounders could always be on the cards as well.

Riding bikes
It was a different time as parents didn’t think anything of the kids riding their bikes around without a GPS tag or a mobile phone to keep in constant contact. While it might not be done these days the era of riding your bike around the neighbourhood until dusk was something kids for generations had done.

Skipping, hopscotch, or Cartwheels
While there were always those that could do five or more amazing cartwheels in a row and those that struggled to do one many hours were spent trying to hit the perfect one. If cartwheels weren’t your thing than some chalk and hopscotch was in order. An excellent way to get some exercise and play with your friends. Those that excelled at both hopscotch and cartwheels you might have been a master skipper as well. Were you able to master the dreaded double Dutch?

Jacks and Marbles
While the kids today are flinging around Angry Birds, many generations were on the ground play Jacks or Marbles. Games of skill and a little bit of chance were also the currency on a lot of playgrounds.

What were some of the things that you used to do between school and dinner (as well as homework)?