Remembering the best of the Stones

Last night  the Rolling Stones kicked off their first Asia Pacific show in Adelaide. Will you be going? If you are, then lucky you! If you aren’t, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered here.

The Rolling Stones have visited Australia a few times. There was the concerts of early 1965 when they were in their prime. Then they came to Australia for their Pacific Tour in 1973 and visited again in 2006 for another series of incredible shows. And the Starts at 60 community are no strangers to this wild rock band that defined rock and roll…

Libby English, a Starts at 60 writer and reader told us that she saw the Rolling Stones play and it was an incredible experience.

“I saw the Stones at Milton tennis courts. I went with friends and there was a cyclone bearing down on us but NOTHING would have stopped us!

“Good old Mick dropped the f-bomb and almost got dragged off the stage by police! He didn’t, though, and what a concert. Oh, the memories…”

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Valerie Dunlop another Starts at 60 community member  recalls a wonderful encounter with The Rolling Stones: “In the ’60s they were playing in Edinburgh. We couldn’t get tickets but I worked as a ‘Hello’ girl in the local telephone exchange, before STD, and I knew through gossip that they were staying at a remote country hotel.

“So three of us sneaked from our homes and cycled six miles in the dark and sat at the bottom of the hotel steps until about midnight ! We were frozen, but our dedication was rewarded when they swept up the driveway at about 1am!

“Amazed that we were there, they were brilliant and took us into the hotel for a hot drink and chat. They told us they had had such a lovely welcome in Scotland. Afterwards, we said ’bye and cycled all the way home on a high!

“Next day, bleary-eyed at work, nobody would believe us but I had proof in my wee autograph book!

“Memories are made of this!”

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So tonight, if you’re not at Adelaide Oval, have some fun with us! Grab a glass of wine, turn your speakers up and reminisce with these videos – some of the best of the Rolling Stones to date.

What are your Rolling Stones memories?