Saturday night nostalgia: I can't believe I wore that...

We were blessed to have grown up in the 50s, 60s and 70s. We had freedom, friends and real fun. But, one thing we didn’t always have was good fashion sense!

There are some things that I can’t believe we wore! They were so great at the time but looking back it is just ridiculous, so tonight for our Saturday night nostalgia, we’re taking a trip back to the fashions of our youth.

What things did you wear? How do you feel about wearing them now? Tell us about your worst fashion moments in the comments below and share your memories of what dressing up was like back then…


The swimmers

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The stunning swimmers. Everyone had a cozzie or pair of togs that was so fashion forward at the time…

Many would still be fashionable now!  Amazing when you think about how the 60s really set the framework for our tastes today yet the 2014 fashionistas think they are unique.

images vintage-bandeau-bikini-001


Men had a few different styles between the early days of the 50s and the mod-days of the 70s:

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Swimmers - mens



images (19)


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Short shorts

Everyone wore short shorts…  Perhaps inspired by the AFL shorts worn for Saturday afternoons at the footy?  And girls loved their hotpants



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Polyester suits…. that’s a memory!Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 6.31.51 pm

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Corsets and pointy bras… all the rage!45a3f1494ec2fc8572f6cbd9d1824bd5

Hopefully most of us escaped the dreaded corset but for those who didn’t, you’ll know just how painful and dreaded this fashion item was…



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The prints

The 60s were the big years for prints… They were big, bold, bright and we wore them head to toe.



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Exercise clothes

Exercise clothes were special for us all. They were impractical, minimal, crept up to high and fell down to low. It was a time when sexuality and exercise were starting to combine (cue: Olivia Newton-John, Physical, 1981).


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Men in flared jeans

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These jeans, commonly referred to as “bell-bottom jeans” were owned by everyone… if you didn’t have them, you just weren’t cool enough!

bell bottom jeans



The ugly knits

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Everyone had the jumpers or cardis in horrible patterns for winter. Looking back they are colour clashes and unclear prints that should have never been made…




And, the perm… did you have one…?

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So, were you guilty of any of these fashion faux pas? Tell us about your “I can’t believe I wore that” moments here and enjoy the memories of our younger days…