Rock single smashes the charts today in 1969

On this day in 1969, this band released what would go on to be one of their most influential tracks.

Released initially as a double A-sided single, and then later in the year as the first track in their 11th studio album, the song reached the top of the charts in the US and levelled at number four in the UK.

The track’s reduced popularity within the UK was credited to the BBC’s censoring of the song from the radio, due to the lyrics “he shoot Coca-Cola” as being believed to be an intentional product placement – radio rules sure have changed in the last 40+ years.

The song was written when a musician was asked to write a campaign song for a US governor candidate. Struggling to do this, the musician came up with this song instead.

This was the last track that all four members of this band ever cut and produced together, choosing to employ others to cut music for them later on in their long and successful career.

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Can you guess what song this is?


Listen to ‘Come Together’ by The Beatles below: