Remembering the good old Aussie backyard

Tonight we are looking back at the good old Aussie backyard. Do you remember all those days we spent with our brothers and sisters, just running amok and having a great time?

It feels like forever ago but truly, those were some of the best memories of our lives.


Remember the Hills Hoist? We’d swing around and around and it would have a permanent bend in it!

hills hoist

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Ah, backyard cricket. Our brothers used to tease us when we couldn’t hit the ball and Dad would always get us out.


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England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales. Do you remember skipping over the elastics and singing little rhymes with your friends?


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Learning to ride a bike was such fun. From training wheels to big kid bikes, it was also a thrill to ride down the street, wind in our hair.


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A swing set is a quintessential part of the old Aussie backyard. We would fall off, we’d push each other til we nearly flipped over the top and our slides always hurt our legs, especially the steel ones on a hot day!

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Marbles games were loads of fun. We had bags of marbles in all different colours and would swap them with the neighbourhood kids or our siblings.


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A little kiddie pool was very fun, particularly in summer when we would all squish in to cool off.


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The sprinkler was iconic in the Aussie backyard of the 60s and 70s. Can you think back to the days of leaping through it?



Pogo sticks were all the rage once upon a time!

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We always wanted to be bigger than we were and would make our own stilts out of cans and string from Dad’s shed.



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Hopscotch was so fun! We would draw it on the ground outside our house, in the driveway and at school. We’d throw rocks and hop along.



Do you remember these roller skates and how long it took to get used to them?