Out-of-this-world track lands the top spot in 1970

Before the female razor ads were popular, this song was a hit in its own right – it went to number one in 9 countries today in 1970.

This dutch band had huge success with this song about a goddess, selling over one million copies in the US, and later going on to sell over 7.5 million worldwide.

A dance hit, it found a new wave of fans in 1986 when British girl group Bananarama covered the song. That version also went to number one worldwide and became a household jingle when it was featured in female razor ads.

Dozens of other artists have covered the fun track, and it has continued its reign throughout pop culture.

Interestingly, the song also became popular in 1970s Russia with hippies and was considered an anthem of the generation.

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Can you guess what this out-of-this-world tune is?


Listen to “Venus” by Shocking Blue below: