Olivia Newton-John has something very special to tell you

An accepted fact might be that if Olivia Newton-John sang the ingredients of a shampoo bottle it would be a chart topper. Her charisma and amazing singing voice can move an audience to tears. No song gave her a better chance to make this happen than the 1974 classic I Honestly Love You.

While the song was sung by a woman considered Australian royalty, it was written by another member of the entertainment court in one Peter Allen. Initially, it was titled I Love You, I Honestly Love You, but it was shortened after its release in Australia. It became Olivia’s first number one in the US and Canada.

The song was also recorded by Peter Allen for his album Continental American and appears as a key song in the musical of his life The Boy from Oz. The song and the album Long Live Love that appears on were rewarded with the Grammy Awards for Record of the Year and Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.

I Honestly Love You is also immortalised in the classic film Jaws from 1975 as it plays on Chief Brody’s radio while on the beach before the second shark attack. While it’s not the emotional tug at heart strings as the songs intended to be, it’s iconic nonetheless.

In 1998, Olivia re-recorded the song for her album Back with a Heart and had R&B superstar Babyface on background vocals. The song shot back up the charts and was the first big single that Olivia had in over six years.

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With powerful lyrics and heart-string pulling music, one of Olivia Newton-John’s classic songs is our Monday Melody.

What do you think of the song? What is your favourite Olivia Newton-John song? Have you had the opportunity to see her perform live? Have you had the chance to meet her? We would love to hear your stories in the comments below.