Looking back at when Dustin Hoffman was 'Little Big Man'

When people try to make a list of all-time great Dustin Hoffman films, it is almost impossible to get a unanimous decision on what is in the top five. The two-time winning and seven-times nominated, the actor has been in some incredible films over his illustrious career.

Little Big Man from 1970 is one that sadly gets overlooked sometimes as one of Dustin’s all time classics. The tale of Jack Crabb is an amazing one, told from the point of view of Jack in extreme old age, is one where he was raised by Native American and even fought with them against the evil General Custer.

The story is based loosely on the real Little Big Man that fought in the same battles as Dustin’s character in the film does, however, most records point to the original Little Big Man being a full blood Native American.

An interesting note that even though Faye Dunaway plays Dustin’s mother in the film, he is four years older than she is. Don’t know who that says more about at the time because Faye is strikingly beautiful in this film.

While it was nominated for some awards, Little Big Man has the honour of getting one the rarest awards in film. A Guinness Book of World Record entry! Dustin gets the entry for “Greatest Age Span Portrayed By A Movie Actor” as he plays Jack from the age of 17 to 121.

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It’s an amazing film with a fantastic cast that is defiantly worth a rewatch if you are sick of all the reality TV on at the moment or need some Olympic recovery.

What is your favourite Dustin Hoffman film? What is your favourite film of Faye Dunaway? What do you think of Little Big Man? Is there another film from 1970 that you liked more than this?