Life can be funny: The tale of the walking BBQ

Being well over the 60 bracket I find myself laughing at things I used to worry or stress about. For instance one morning my husband looked out the window as he does to enjoy the view and his orchids (his mistress). When I heard  ”who would have left a neat pile of leaves in out there”. There had been a high wind and blistery the night before. I said maybe the wind whipped them up neat for you to pick up laughing. No he said come and have a look. I walked over and burst out laughing so much I could hardly talk. Finally with him laughing at me not realising our barbeque had been stolen through the night and the neat pile of leaves were years of not moving to sweep under as I used to do before I turned 60. Then I explained he said but how ”it is under a security light that shines into our bedroom how come we did not wake”. More laughter by this time with tears running down our cheeks.


When we composed ourselves and went out only to discover from a neighbour they had heard something of a funny noise he could not identify around 3 a.m. ish.   They listened and the noise went away so did not get up to investigate as was also a cold night a well. We all  looked at this neat pile of compacted leaves of many seasons crammed so tight nothing disturbed it. Was almost  glued into shape of this big oblong exactly where it had been. Even moving a small table so they could get a push on pavers until the grass began. They even wheeled it around up the gravel path facing the waterfront which is a path for my surrogate walkers.  I exercise watching them walk and their shape never changes just the people so I do not need to walk I just see them go past….with no change … sorry walkers. Obviously we have no fences as not many do in the street where we live as it is waterfront.


Then on further investigation a neighbour up the road heard the same ”funny noise”. Going up the HILL …a hill I would drive up as I do not walk remember.  Then my husband decided to have a drive around the HILL street and a couple of others if he could see anything  where it may have found a new home. Then suddenly I said hang on DO YOU REALLY WANT IT BACK? We have had it for years is it in good working order. NO you are right he said…they will get a shock… the automatic lighter has gone but they will score a lighter underneath to do the trick. Really when you think of it has given us 15 good years. So I said let us leave it as would not want it back with their vibes and Australia Day is soon maybe they wanted to impress their friends having a you beaut Barbeque.

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When our son and friends found out all they could do was laugh as in the 15 years it had never had a really good clean the way some people do as my husband said that was.. the flavour. At least in the cupboard underneath the Barbeque was all the secret cleaning untouched products. All the bells and whistles of rotisseries etc were safely in my kitchen barbeque cupboard. I laughed and said ”maybe I should put the box of goodies accessories in a box in case they come back when they realise it does more than Barbeque”.

All we could all do was laugh. Have you got a funny story to tell?

xxx Valdagem


image: mzacha