Feel good song went global today in 1966

This song was so popular that it’s been released a number of times, by a number of bands. But nothing compares to the original.

Originally released as a single in 1966, this tune was written to capture the essence of where this five-piece rock band grew up. With its distant vocal harmonies, falsetto overtones and iconic double bass tremolo, the melody is built to represent the Californian coastline.

Going number one in five different countries including the U.S., UK and Australia, the band received widespread praise for the songs innovative production methods. In fact, at the time of recording, the song was the most expensive single ever produced.

The tune was given a Grammy nomination in 1966, and now sits in sixth position in the Rolling Stones list of the ‘500 Greatest Rock Songs of All Time’.


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Can you name this iconic rock tune?

Listen to “Good Vibrations” by The Beach Boys below: