Beauty facts from advertising that were only beautifully hilarious

Some companies will go to any length to get you to buy their products. While it might not be a shock to find out that some companies will lie to you they will also try the tested and true method of manipulation. Here are some hilariously bad and awkward ways businesses tried to get you to buy their products.
1. Bad breath will make you lose your husband

This ad is a laugh… It coaxed women in by using their relationship as a reason to buy the product. In reality, if bad breath is the reason you’re losing your husband – he’s not one worth having!



2. Women who speak to more than 12 people a day need heavier makeup that covers up the flaws better.

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This Pan-Cake ad by Max Factor took an interesting approach!



3. Radium rays revitalise tissue and are science’s secret to anti-ageing.

We all know that radium is now used to treat cancer now so this one doesn’t need much explaining!

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4. Hair has personality, and gay hair is the best hair, it also means it is soft and silky.

Well, I didn’t know that hair had personalities, and even if it did I wouldn’t know what happy hair looks like…


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5. Husbands that look younger than their wives is a tragedy taking its toll on many women.

Considering the “Cougar” is a fabulous thing these days there isn’t much sadness around the idea of a man looking younger than his wife – some of us might say it is that way, I mean, who does all the hard work?



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6. Skinny is not sexy.

Well people of the 1950s, even though Marilyn Monroe was the diva of the era and a sex symbol, we’ve learnt over time that sexy comes in many shapes and forms… In fact, sexy isn’t necessarily always desirable anymore.



So enjoy having a laugh with these tonight and tell us, what are your favourite beauty memories of the 50s and 60s?