Ads from '60s that would probably be banned today

Advertising is a powerful force and has shaped our attitudes and behaviours since at least the start of the 20th century, but with great power comes great responsibility and sometimes those folks in the advertising agencies don’t exactly have a moral compass.

That said, ads from the 1960s were considered totally appropriate for what going on in those times. Today’s ads aren’t perfect by any stretch — you will still come across some offensive, racist and sexist ads, but when compared to those of the ’60s, they look as though they were created by an angel.


Some of the advertisements were for famous brands like Volkswagen, Schlitz or Buick. In fact the Volkswagen ad has a particularly nostalgic feeling because it demonstrates just how reluctant men were to see women as their equal.


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Who remembers the advertisements promoting the kitchen as the only place suitable for a woman?



Or that your doctor was a big fan of smoking, even though today everyone knows it is bad for your health.


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What about this one?


Or this risque placement by games company Sega?


Heaven forbid girls should like colours other than pink too!

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Hush Puppies sure got its message across.


Do you remember the ads from the 1960s? Which ones took your fancy and which ones do you think would cause controversy today?