1974: Hits compilation becomes number one hit

This album, released in 1974, was the ninth studio album for this world renown singer/songwriter.

Despite comprising of only 10 hit songs between the years 1970 – 1974, the album received worldwide success.

The album flew off the shelves in the UK, holding the number one spot in the album charts for 11 weeks, as well as staying number one in the US for 10 weeks. The album was so successful that it went 16 times platinum in the U.S when it sold over 16 million copies. Including the sales from the albums reissue in 1992, it has been this artist’s best selling album to date.

This much revered artist was knighted in 1996 by Queen Elizabeth II.

Can you guess what album this is?

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Listen to ‘Bennie and the Jets’ off Elton John’s 1974 album, Greatest Hits Volume 1.