My style changes like the wind!

Not sure if when I look back I have one particular style; in fact, I think I am just a trifle crazy. I have gone from being a staid young mum to a wild thing at times, and can still dither between the decent and the distressing! My style changes like the wind.

The most horrible photo at a wedding makes me cringe. I was wearing the latest in short dresses and a coat in some sort of modern fabric. The badly posed photo looks scary to me now. Then there was the dress from China, skin tight and leaving me little room to breathe. I was only about 22 when I wore that. I even posed in Victorian underwear and wore the top with a long skirt to a dance (I once was a dealer in vintage clothing).

I have worn minis, maxis and hot pants, thank goodness I seem to have evaded the camera when wearing them. The witches britches were the most revolting in brown cord and they did nothing for my shape or my sex appeal. The yellow mini I shortened to get more impact. That was when I still had legs with some shape, days long gone!

Lately I wear brighter colours and flowing items, I used to love hippie style clothes and wore beads and fringes, every phase of life is different. My ‘twinset and pearls’ look suited a sedate holiday in the Lake District of England. Some people prefer to fade into the background, never wanting to be ‘showy’. I blame a mother who wanted me on the stage for my mad streak, I was dancing in sequinned dresses at three. It made me want to dress up more than dress down. For work at my first job I had to conform again, I wore a dress with a white collar and white gloves to work! I worked in a boy’s college, very upmarket and established. Nursing later meant I wore a uniform. Again we project an image that suits the lifestyle. A nurse has to look clean and calm and be trustworthy. I still like some of the old style uniforms. Mine had a stiff collar and a starched apron.

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Now I am just me; one day decent and subdued, another day in a traffic stopping red dress. I shall be like the lady in the poem, when I am old I shall wear purple and a red hat, perhaps?

Can you date some of the styles?

Underwear from 1910

Family Photos 744

Chinese dress; 1961

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DrawTheLine 002_1THREE

Maroon outfit; 1980

9 (1)


Pink and purple outfit; 1988

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11 (1)




How has your style changed over the years? Share your photos below!