My retirement life – part two

This is the second part of Dorothy’s three-part series about retirement. You can read her previous blog here


I think one of my problems is I don’t mind my own company. My sister once told me I would never be lonely on my own as I potter; I always seem to find something to do.

So, here we are in a new year. I have never been one to make New Year resolutions because I know I will never keep them, but this year is going to be different. There is going to be movement. I have promised myself every year in the 11 years I have been here I would have air con installed in winter. Of course it is now summer and I am melting. I live in the western suburbs of Sydney and the weather is stinking in summer and freezing in winter. I really am feeling the heat more than ever before, probably because I am home and not at work, so bugger waiting till winter, the air con is going in now.

On to the internet where I found a tradies site that promised to organise three quotes for me. I heard from one of the three, who was of course very busy, as it is summer and everyone else wants air con too, but he did arrange to call me back on Tuesday/Wednesday to organise a quote. Would you be surprised if I tell you he never did call back? In the meantime the tradies site was in touch to see how I got on and they ended up sending my request to 30 other tradies on their books and you guessed it: not one return call. I also contacted a very large energy company who is advertising air con installation on TV and radio. Waiting, waiting! So I try a small local company and of course they will be so happy to help me, but unfortunately, it won’t be until next week. I had an appointment for a quote on Tuesday 13th January. Can you believe it? Company number 35 is coming to give me a quote. But will they turn up?

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I have been keeping my daughter updated on my quest to get air con and it’s all becoming a bit much. I’m sick of it but I have found a lovely little 10 day cruise, which I’m sure will refresh me and recharge my batteries to continue on with my New Year intentions (not resolutions).

The cruise sails from Sydney to Burnie, which I visited on a previous cruise. Mr and Mrs Mayor met the ship on the dock in period dress and the local pipe band played on the wharf while the ship sailed away later in the day, which was enjoyed very much by the passengers. I’m not really quite sure what else to say about Burnie. We booked a bus tour which was quite unusual to say the least. There had been a very bad storm some weeks before and the bus driver made sure we saw all the trees which had been blown out of the ground and he also took us to see an empty field. Apparently this is where the tulips grew in season, but this wasn’t the season. There was also a market which is held once a month (of course we didn’t stop) and there was the local wrecking yard where the driver explained from there, all the old cars go to the big garage in the sky, and we also had a glimpse of his brother in law driving out of a side street. When the tour finished we did look around on our own and we did enjoy ourselves. It is a lovely little place, but perhaps they should vet their tour guides a bit closer.

The ship then sails to Adelaide which I am very excited about as I have never been there. From there we head to Melbourne, where I get to meet up with one of my best friends for the day. We haven’t seen each other for over three years so we are both very excited. We then head to Hobart which I love, for two days. We will be there on the weekend so I am thrilled to know I can visit the famous Salamanca markets and just imagine all the things I can plan for home while I am just relaxing on board, but my daughter has suggested the air con will last longer than the cruise and of course she’s right!

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